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Long-time no read! My grand plan to upload a post every week with a new bake was obviously a little ambitious (cue several of my friends nodding smugly in the corner, knowing that they were definitely right about that from the outset…). Long hours, other arrangements and the human body’s annoying need to get sleep often prevents me from setting aside some time to bake and then sit down for an hour or so and report on my culinary adventures, so apologies for that.

Anyway! Got to make some mistakes to make the right choices in the end, haven’t you? So the new plan is to bake when I can and when I do I will make sure I get my bum in gear and write a short post too. I’ve missed it very much and sitting here at the moment is reminding me that sometimes I need to stop rushing around all the time and just chill the hell out (again, cue the same friends nodding smugly in the corner) and spend time doing stuff that makes me happy.

Matt is constantly reminding me of this and today he has (once again) proven that he’s right. All week he has had this surprise in store for me and when I woke up this morning I was promptly told to get ready whilst he pops out to get some “stuff for the thing.” After much speculating I am invited into the kitchen to see this:

The Great Ellie Bake Off

My very own “Ellie’s British Bake Off” studio, complete with instructions for a technical challenge of Mary Berry’s Chocolate Soufflés – a recipe I have often discussed as being infamously tricky during our weekly Bake Off viewing sessions when the series has been on.

So we set the timer and I got to work (with the soundtrack from the show creating suitable tension in the background) eventually producing these little beauties!


If you fancy making these lovely, light, chocolatey puds, here is the technical challenge recipe card Matt made for me. Why not spend an afternoon with friends putting on your own little Bake Off? It’s one of Mary Berry’s recipes and you can find the original at:

Ingredients List

The Great Ellie Bake Off

I made four diddy soufflés, rather than the giant one in the recipe, so if you choose to follow suit bake for 12-14mins. Matt, in true technical challenge style, omitted this vital instruction from the card – so in case you were wondering, that’s the cooking time! They should have a slight wobble and be a little gooey in the middle.

It was exactly what I needed to get back in to the swing of things. I am super grateful to Matt for believing in me and setting me what turned out to be a rather delicious challenge. I will remember this for a long time as a super special way to spend an afternoon. He always knows how to make me smile (and let me have the last morsel). Faaave.

See you all soon for some more happy baking!

Love, Ellie

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